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“The Child has his own laws of development, and if we want to help him to grow, it is a question of following these, not of imposing ourselves upon them.” -Maria Montessori


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The Classrooms

Our classrooms are stimulating learning environments carefully prepared to invite exploration and discovery. In the Montessori classroom you will find children of mixed ages, working at their own individual level. Children work independently or in small groups, driven by their innate curiosity and love for learning.

Each classroom implements the Montessori philosophy and curriculum. The shelves are filled with materials that have been specifically designed to peak the interests and meet the needs of each child. Through exploration using concrete materials, children develop a foundation that allows for a deeper understanding of abstract concepts.

Children have opportunities to explore concepts in practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, geography, art, history and cultural studies. Our holistic approach to education includes daily lessons in grace and courtesy as well as extensive enrichment activities such as music, sign language, Spanish, art and yoga. At Heritage Montessori School children develop the foundation necessary for a lifetime of learning and success.

The Teachers

Our caring, well-educated, Montessori certified teachers provide individualized instruction for each child by carefully observing each child’s needs and abilities and adapting the approach and curriculum accordingly. Providing materials and opportunities appropriate for their phase of development assures that each child is challenged and allows them to feel successful without being overwhelmed. Our dedicated teachers work diligently to create an environment that invites exploration and creativity while promoting independence, teamwork and a sense of community.

“The teacher…must be like a flame which heartens all by its warmth enlivens and invites.”

             -Maria Montessori