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“Our experience with both the Heritage Montessori Preschool and Elementary school has been amazing. Before enrolling my daughter into the program, I did not know anything about the Montessori Method. Four years later, I am convinced that it is one of the best ways to educate children. By allowing students to learn at their own pace, the Montessori classroom encourages a love of learning. In addition to the normal subjects of math, reading, geography, and science, preschool students are also introduced to practical life skills, yoga, sign language and music. All of these subjects continue at the elementary level, where students also learn botany, Spanish, art and cooking skills. My children talk non-stop about what they have learned, every single day. As if the curriculum isn’t enough, the atmosphere of the school is beyond compare. Classrooms are calm and orderly. Teachers and staff are friendly and approachable, willing to answer questions or discuss any concerns that parents have. They truly seem to enjoy the children, teaching them respect by showing them respect. I have watched my extremely shy children embrace new experiences and challenges in this warm and encouraging environment and I cannot imagine a better place for them to be.” -Amanda Nelson

“[What I like best is] the friendly and caring staff and the nurturing and educational environment for my son to learn in. [His] academic skills have grown. He has begun to read and has also learned many other things of interest, such as the continents and planets in the solar system.” -Jennifer Bush

“[HMS] provides a welcoming atmosphere to the children and adults. Teaching life skills at such an early age will help her the rest of her life. All of the teachers and staff are truly interested in each child and that is very apparent in their actions, teachings, and loving ways.” -Deann Ward

“It is wonderful to get regular feedback about your child. Everyone is helpful and accommodating. It is nice knowing your child is enjoying school.” -Ann-Marie Vargas

“I like seeing my son so happy and filled with a desire to learn and share what he has learned. He is more independent, strong, and confident young man. He has been given the ability and room to grow at this school.” -Jennifer Gunn

“Heritage Montessori seeks to educate the heart as well as the mind of each child.  Here an all-encompassing philosophy fosters not only early readers, but young children who display empathy and loving acceptance of the traditions and customs of others.  Children are provided the chance to feel part of a rich heritage which is the result of individual differences and universal commonality.  [The teachers] have been a true life-line.  They have personally invested their time, thoughts and energies toward my son.  They somehow find what seems like an inexhaustible supply of faith that each child is a work in progress.  Heritage Montessori has allowed me the support of an entire network whose purpose is to see my son succeed.  I feel as if we are truly a team and I don’t carry the ball alone.  Thank you Montessori.” -Chris Stenger